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You won’t see sda1 in this case. If the above method gives errors, or doesnt work with a newer version of quartus, use this file File: Also control flash type, aperture, shutter speed, and have everything dumped right onto the iRiver disk — AlexandreBourget – 29 Aug To support a more expansive list of MP3 players and UMS storage devices, maybe even ones with custom protocols. In fact, do we need Device caps generally? That signal is just normal. Personal tools Create account Log in. The example is a multi-card-reader where you want more than access only the first card.

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ISP1362 VHDL interface for DE2

The only restriction i know till now is the current with which the chip can supply the usb ports – it’s lower than the standard mA; We will isp1326 support for AT LEAST 2 device classes: Use 10x probes and make sure they are properly adjusted for flat square wave response.


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What’s the scope bandwidth? Please note, some disks are formatted without a partition table in Windows. If it is 0. Support multiple devices at the izp1362 time.

USB Host and Device

The pin names used in the verilog code matches the pin names used in the DE2 User manual. Or there will be some kind of “protocol plugins”?

Turn on host-side usb, usb dev filesystem, your hcd eg: Set all the USB chip pins as “Conduit – export”. Bernard ported the driver to a PXA running 2. It doesn’t see the stick. This works in Altera Quartus 8.

Apr 19 ’17 at You won’t see sda1 in this case. Pin 48 is wrong on the schematic, it is pulled low.

How configure U-Boot to access USB with ISP1362?

Noise is not necessarily random. Click next until the “interface” tab, then make the following changes:.

Will all these protocols be compiled in the rockbox statically? Here’s an example of what you might see: The discussion will be based on iriver H3x0 for the moment, because i have iriver H the other device the RockBox port is working on with USB host caps is IaudioX5but we don’t have the specific chip’s documentation atm.


It’s a DOS program, written with portability in mind and comes with full sources. Could be these things: Make sure the pin assignment is done correctly. And I do hope you mean more information, because we know hardly anything here. Source code for gphoto2 may provide insight into PTP and canon protocol when needed. Understanding and developing Linux USB drivers. Capture relies on libptp and uses some Canon and Nikon?

Make sure the probe is clipped to the shortest possible distance between the signal that your monitoring and the nearest ground on the IC.

Add it into your project and rename the component to “usb”.