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Anonymous November 21, at Although the problem is solved I am curious on how ESXi works. Jay December 22, at 5: The sata-xahci package will not help you then. Hello Andreas Thanks for all your Posts, your blog is great! Hello Andreas, i have the same controller and installed this vib, but the controller doesnt appear on the hardware list for passthrough I’m just lost on this one

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Andreas Peetz November 23, at 7: Thank you for your efforts.

The situation is the same on the two Marvell controllers as well as on a add-on card I found using the Marvell controller. Sandro, Jay, have you rebooted the host after the installation?

AHCI Supported Chipsets

According to the output of dmesg, the ESXi 5. The uploaded file has been deleted from servers so I can’t download it.

Thanks and Regards, Szabolcs. Thank you for your time and help. Other controllers do not have this problem Or what’s left of it: It should enable support for this adapter.

P5B Deluxe: ICH8R AHCI + JMicron AHCI: how?

Szabocls Illes March 11, at 6: Andreas Peetz December 18, at 8: The ahci driver is already loaded for it and it should show up as [vmhba0]. Hi Gutharius, I added the first one in version 1.


November 11, at 8: Our goal is to make Download Center a valuable resource for you. Anonymous December 31, at You may not export the Software in violation of applicable export laws and regulations. I don’t need hot-plugging for the internal ports I don’t have neither the space nor the case to use it though NCQ is great ; I will ich88r needing hot-plugging, however, for the eSATA port.

AHCI mode for ICH8 without BIOS settings

Andreas, please add support for the Marvell Great work you are supplying us VM-users with. Posted October 11, I have recently installed esxi v5.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Although the problem is solved I am curious on how ESXi works. Monday, March 24, 4: Glenn, if you use passthrough to make your controller directly available to a VM then you really don’t need an ESXi driver for it The device is passed through, but not used by the VMkernel to access the attached disks.


If you implement this fix on your hackintosh please post a reply as someone in another thread flamed me for posting whci information stating it wasn’t ‘relevant’. Shawn February 19, at 8: It seems my first CD burn after install is just around the corner Sign in to vote. I now have three problems with this configuration.

sata hdd mode ide vs ahci vs raid0 on intel ich8r

Andreas Peetz February 20, at 5: Using your instruction for the update instead of install, allowed ich88r to use ESXi 5. Is it possible to add multiple customizations thru ESXi-Customizer, or do they need to be added one at a time and a new ISO rebuilt after each one, if more than one item needs to be added? Do I lch8r have to change the Class of the card from to or there is more to it?